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Thursday, April 28, 2011
  Broward Family Therapist Jobs: Ethics to Consider
Those with, or looking for, Broward family therapist jobs should become familiar with the commonly-accepted code of ethics for the profession.

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy serves as the professional association for marriage and family therapists throughout the nation. The association currently represents more than 50,000 professionals across America - including many with Fort Lauderdale jobs (Click here) - Canada, and elsewhere.

In order to help marriage and family therapists perform better in their jobs and remain accountable to the public, themselves, and their profession, the AAMFT Board of Directors developed a Code of Ethics to set the standard for marriage and family therapy.

"Both law and ethics govern the practice of marriage and family therapy," the AAMFT notes. "When making decisions regarding professional behavior, marriage and family therapists must consider the AAMFT Code of Ethics and applicable laws and regulations. If the AAMFT Code of Ethics prescribes a standard higher than that required by law, marriage and family therapists must meet the higher standard of the AAMFT Code of Ethics."

The eight principles of ethics include:
  1. Responsibility to clients - Marriage and family therapists advance the welfare of families and individuals. They respect the rights of those persons seeking their assistance, and make reasonable efforts to ensure that their services are used appropriately.
  2. Confidentiality - Marriage and family therapists have unique confidentiality concerns because the client in a therapeutic relationship may be more than one person. Therapists respect and guard the confidences of each individual client.
  3. Professional competence and integrity - Marriage and family therapists maintain high standards of professional competence and integrity.
  4. Responsibility to students and supervisees - Marriage and family therapists do not exploit the trust and dependency of students and supervisees.
  5. Responsibility to research participants - Investigators respect the dignity and protect the welfare of research participants, and are aware of applicable laws and regulations and professional standards governing the conduct of research.
  6. Responsibility to the profession - Marriage and family therapists respect the rights and responsibilities of professional colleagues and participate in activities that advance the goals of the profession.
  7. Financial arrangements - Marriage and family therapists make financial arrangements with clients, third-party payers, and supervisees that are reasonably understandable and conform to accepted professional practices.
  8. Advertising - Marriage and family therapists engage in appropriate informational activities, including those that enable the public, referral sources, or others to choose professional services on an informed basis.


Thursday, April 21, 2011
  San Diego Manufacturing Jobs Supported by Solar Power
A new solar power plant will support a significant number of San Diego manufacturing jobs. Check out to see more openings.

Soitec Solar Development recently announced its plans to open a new manufacturing facility in San Diego. The project is expected to create about 450 direct jobs and more than 1,000 indirect jobs once the facility is operating at full capacity.

The new manufacturing plant will be used to produce photovoltaic modules powered by Soitec ConcentrixTM technology. Those modules will then be used at three power plants in San Diego County to support three new solar energy contracts made by San Diego Gas & Electric.

"We are extremely pleased to deploy our Concentrix technology for these three solar power plants in San Diego County," Andre-Jacques Auberton-Herve, CEO and chairman of the Soitec board, said in a statement. "Our CPV systems are perfectly suited for projects close to well-populated areas as the high system efficiency of CPV minimizes the amount of land needed for a given amount of electricity production. As a CPV leader, we are committed to the U.S. market and look forward to increasing our presence in the San Diego community with all of our San Diego operations."

Once the pending agreements are approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, it will take about 18 months to complete construction of the new manufacturing plant, which is expected to finish delivering the new solar panels to the three power plants by 2014.

With a combined capacity of 30 megawatts, the three projects will produce enough solar energy to power more than 11,200 homes per year.

"Including these three new contracts, SDG&E has signed nine renewable contracts over the past year for more than 1,100 MW of green energy, with nearly 520 MW from solar power, including a contract for up to 150 megawatts that also uses ConcentrixTM technology," James P. Avery, senior vice president of power supply for SDG&E, said. "Combined with another local solar contract we signed last year, these latest solar projects will increase the total amount of solar power generated in San Diego County by about 60 percent."


Tuesday, April 19, 2011
  City Market Jobs Focus on Sustainability
Those with City Market jobs (Click here) are doing their part to make our fishing industry more sustainable.

On the heels of a Greenpeace report that named the Kroger Company 15th for its seafood sustainability efforts, the company has announced the next phase of its partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. Kroger supports many Denver jobs (Click here) throughout its King Soopers and City Market stores.

For more than a year, Kroger has been working with WWF to conduct an internal analysis on the company's seafood supply, with an overall goal of developing new ways to improve the sustainability of its seafood buying practices and standards.

That analysis found that more than 50 percent of the top 20 wild-caught seafood species sold by Kroger comes from sources certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Kroger hopes to source 100 percent of its top-selling seafood from these sources by 2015.

"Kroger is enthusiastic about this goal and what it will mean for our customers," Mark Van Buskirk, vice president of meat and seafood merchandising for Kroger, said in a statement. "We want to ensure that our customers and their children can enjoy fresh, sustainable seafood for generations to come."

Kroger is further working with WWF to support the Ecuadorian mahi mahi and Indonesian yellowfin tuna fisheries, which support local fishermen, communities, suppliers and consumers. The company also has decided to stop selling shark, marlin, or bluefin tuna because of sustainability concerns.

"As one of the largest traditional food retailers in the U.S., the Kroger family of stores plays an important role by working with the seafood industry on important sustainability practices," Bill Fox, vice president and managing director of WWF's fisheries program, said. "Commitments like this are essential to achieving our conservation goals for healthy oceans."


Friday, April 15, 2011
  Denver Manufacturing Jobs Supported by GE Purchase of PrimeStar
A prominent company's move to purchase a local renewable energy business will support many Denver manufacturing jobs (Click here).

General Electric recently announced its plans to purchase PrimeStar Solar Inc. and build a new solar panel manufacturing plant that will eventually employ about 400 people. PrimeStar, which is located close to Denver and employs nearly 100 local residents, makes thin film solar technology solutions.

PrimeStar and GE were recently recognized by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for producing one of the most efficient solar panels ever reported. To support further production of that technology, GE plans to build a new $600 million solar panel manufacturing plant that will be larger than any existing facility in the nation.

"Over the last decade, through technology investment, GE has become one of the world's major wind turbine manufacturers, and our investment in high-tech solar products will help us continue to grow our position in the renewable energy industry," Victor Abate, vice president of renewable energy for GE, said in a statement.
When operating at capacity, expected to be 400 megawatts, the manufacturing plant will produce enough solar panels to power 80,000 homes each year. A number of locations are being considered for the new facility.

Experts expect demand for photovoltaics to increase by 75 gigawatts during the next five years, with the majority of that growth coming from utility-scale solar power plants. GE's new manufacturing facility will place the company in a position to take advantage of this growth.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011
  Nursing Jobs Phoenix at Best Geriatric Hospitals
Wondering what nursing jobs Phoenix ( has available for taking care of the elderly? Consider working for one of the select few hospitals in the area that have been recognized for their geriatric departments.

U.S. News & World Report recently released its list of the best hospitals in the Phoenix area. Of the 15 hospitals named to that list, 11 are ranked on a national basis for their high-performance in geriatrics, which involves caring for elderly patients.

Only one hospital on the list, Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, was ranked nationally for geriatrics, receiving a 38th place ranking. All of the other hospitals on the list are considered to be high-performing in geriatrics.

The 11 best-performing geriatric hospitals in Phoenix include:

Regardless of where you decide to work, it's currently a great time to get involved in the healthcare industry, which continues to add jobs on a monthly and yearly basis.

The Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale area's education and health services industry employed 248,900 workers during February, which is up from 246,100 workers during January and a 5.8 percent increase from last year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Thursday, April 7, 2011
  Non Profit Jobs with the Best Companies
If you're looking for non profit jobs you may want to consider working for one of the organizations that were recently ranked the best in the nation. Visit to see more openings.

The NonProfit Times and the Best Companies Group recently released the second annual list of the 50 Best Nonprofits To Work For in 2011. The list is based on applications from organizations, staff and management surveys, and information from businesses that work with the organizations.

Organizations were analyzed based on eight important areas, including: leadership and planning, corporate culture and communications, role satisfaction, work environment, relationship with supervisor, training and development, pay and benefits, and overall engagement.

The top 10 nonprofits to work for include:
  1. Wounded Warrior Project
  2. Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York Inc.
  3. Community Food Bank
  4. Year Up
  5. Alzheimer's Association
  6. Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice
  7. Boise Rescue Mission
  8. PENCIL Foundation
  9. Arts Midwest
  10. Natural Resources Defense Council
In order to be considered for inclusion on the list, organizations must be in operation for at least one year, be a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) status, have a facility in the United States, and have at least 15 employees in the United States.


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