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Friday, December 29, 2006
  Kent Blumberg: I'm a focused, fast and collaborative business leader
Here's a guy who knows how to position himself in the job market through his blog.

About Kent
: "Kent Blumberg is a process and manufacturing industry executive general manager who loves to take on below-average organizations and lead performance upward. With experience in North America, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand, he has a unique perspective on people, manufacturing and business. Blumberg thinks and writes about leadership, strategy and performance mainly from a tactical perspective - what does a business leader do on-the-ground every day."

Here's what Kent says about blogging
: "

"Even though I began the blog to help in my job search, it’s really about building my brand long term. It’s also a way to document what I have learned - and am learning - and share it with others. And it’s a great way to improve my research, analysis and writing skills. And it’s a great way to meet new friends (Jason Alba, for one) and explore new communities of thought.

My blog will live well beyond my next job. You can hold me to that!"


Thursday, December 28, 2006
  Steve Bailey, an IT blogger seeks work
Steve Bailey is a web developer who blogs. His blog contains thoughts and information on the technology industry. It also acts as a "situation wanted" ad by displaying this message:

I am currently seeking a software development position in Seattle: PHP, .NET, Python, Delphi, C++, or anything else Object Oriented.

The new way to job hunt is to advertise yourself and Steve is well on his way.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006
  A billboard, a blog and a job hunter

Check out This guy wanted a job so bad he started a website , blog and put his resume on a billboard. On his site he talks about his efforts;

Why the billboard and website?

I'm a marketing guy by trade, and I figured what better way to promote myself than with the media I've worked with to promote Broadway shows, minor league baseball and a host of other things. Superbowl commercials were a tad pricey, and I don't really fit any one radio demographic, so outdoor and internet seemed like a great fit.

Doesn't this smack of desperation?
On the one hand, it allows me to demonstrate some of my design, copywriting, media buying, promotions, public relations and general creative skills in a real world example. On the other hand, yea, probably a little.


  Andrew Smith, Diary of a Job Seeker
I stumbled upon the blog of Andrew Smith, a recent college grad from the UK who is writing about his job search experience. He writes...

"This blog is intended to be my account of finding someone stupid enough to employ me. I don't expect anyone to read this really it's just a way to get stuff off my chest; I'll be talking about applications, interviews, the anguish and of course the failure eventually emerging in triumph."


  Carolynn Duncan blogged for her job
In yet another case of 21st century job hunting I have discovered another person who used a blog to get a job. Carolynn Duncan, of Utah, created a blog to differentiate herself. The result landed her the job!

According to the CEO who hired her,

She instantly won us over with her creativity and courage. She will be helping Phil get in front of dozens of executives at large companies, including Fortune 500 companies, as he takes Provo Labs Consulting (our web 2.0 consultancy and development company) on the road, so we need a smart communicator with a creative streak who can help Phil open doors wherever he goes. Welcome aboard, Carolynn!

Here's Carolynn's blog, notice one of her posts entitled "A Sampling of the Problems I Could Solve At Provo Labs".

If your'e a job seeker looking to get the job, take a cue from Carolynn.


  Joel Cheesman, how a blog led to a job
Or in this case a blog led to a business opportunity. Joel Cheeseman started a blog in January 2005 where he commented on search and the online recruiting industry. At the same time he started his own consulting firm. He began blogging on the subject and started to get known in the industry. Today, his daily blog posts basically drive his entire consulting business. He makes NO sales calls. The clients just come to him.

The guys over at have an audio interview with him. If you are anxious to start your own consulting business this is a great story to pump you up. Your blog could be the key to success.


  Employers increasingly turn to blogs to learn about prospective employees, whose efforts offer on-line portfolios showcasing their talents

RANDY RAY - Special to the Globe and Mail
Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Computer programmer Joey deVilla blogged his way to a job.

Mr. deVilla is among 30,000 Canadians who write on-line diaries known as web logs, or blogs, where they regularly share their thoughts over the Net.

For Mr. deVilla and an increasing number of other bloggers, their pages are becoming more than a soap box for personal views on issues ranging from the U.S. election to music: They're also playing a growing role in helping bloggers land jobs.

Employers are increasingly turning to blogs during their recruitment process to learn more about prospective employees -- and for the growing number of bloggers, their efforts have become an on-line portfolio to showcase their talents, says Jim Elve, publisher of, a guide to blogs.

"If I am an HR director and I receive an application that says a person has a blog, I am going to take a look at it . . . I am going to see that this person is not hiding himself because he is saying 'go ahead and read my diary.' It gives me a pretty good glimpse into the personality of a person and shows how well he can put words onto paper," Mr. Elve says.

That certainly worked for Mr. deVilla, 37, who found his way to Toronto-based Internet company Tucows Inc. in July, 2003, through a chance encounter with company executives at a meeting of bloggers in Toronto, which he had heard about through his own popular blog, The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.

At the meeting, he chatted with the Tucows' executives; he learned that they were looking for a programmer and they learned he was a blogger ready to be recruited.

The company's human resources staff surfed over to Mr. deVilla's blog, liked what they saw and, after the usual round of interviews and background checks, offered him a job as technical community development co-ordinator.

Full article


  Chris Hammond, web developer who blogs
Chris Hammond used his blog to get a job. According to Jim Durbin of STLrecruiting;

To get better at his job and to showcase his ASP knowledge, Chris participates in the ASP.Net Forums and writes code examples, tips, and announcements at his technical blog. One day, the President of EngageSoftware, a software development firm in St Louis, notices a particularly insightful example of coding prowess in the ASP.Net forums written by Chris. The President follows the link back to Chris's blog because he notices that Chris lists his location as St Louis.

After reading the blog and checking out the online resume, the Engage Software president sends Chris a recruiting e-mail that piques interest. A set of interviews is arranged, and Chris decides to make the switch to a new company because the area he has interest in developing is one the new company has use for.

Jim makes 2 key points for this blogger;

1. By reading the blog, the president of Engage Software was able to get a feel for Chris before sending him a recruiting pitch. The time he took allowed him to make a pitch that Chris responded to.

2. Even though he's still employed, Chris still blogs, and that brings in attention and thought leadership to his company.

Labels: a techie who blogs
David Gannaway, a web developer, writes a blog entitled "thoughts on web technology and other stuff." It's a great example of how to express your thoughts on the industry you work in. In addition to the blog his personal site contains his resume and more details on his past projects.

Way to go Dave!


  Student Trying to Break into Investment Banking
A soon to be college grad named Brian has started a blog in an effort to get a job. I asked what his motivation for starting the blog was. His answer:

"I was inspired to start a blog out of frustration. The finance department at DU has poor career placement outside of Denver. I figured that one of the best ways to get attention easily and cheaply was a blog. In addition to bringing attention to my job search, it is helping a few of my fellow students."

A blog is a great way to stand out in today's job market. Done right, it gives potential employers insight into your personality and your knowledge of the industry you are seeking work in.


  Hire Me Google
This blog details what people are going through who are interviewing at the search giant. It originally started out as one guy's attempt at a PR stunt to get a job with Google. After he gave up it morphed into what you see now.


Thursday, December 21, 2006
  Peter Weddle's Rules for Blogging

The latest edition of Weddle's newsletter has some thoughts on how to blog correctly.

Rules for Success

If you decide to write a blog, follow these rules to ensure that it actually helps your career:

1. Don't rant. A career blog is not the place to vent your spleen about the cost of prescription drugs or how unfair your speeding ticket was. It is a platform for showcasing your skills and knowledge in your field of work, so confine yourself to topics that will do that.

2. Communicate like a professional. It may be all yours and it may be personal, but if you want to impress a recruiter, make sure you edit your entries and proofread them carefully. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so take the time to be at your best.

3. Say something worthwhile. A blog is not a place to rehash your resume. Recruiters are looking for distinctive performers, so use your commentary to excel in your field, to offer your ideas about how best to address a particular challenge or to accomplish a task that is often done poorly.

Shakespeare said 'all the world's a stage,' and he was right in his time and in ours. Thanks to the Internet, we can now offer performances that recruiters in our hometown and around the world can see. Done well, they can be the opening act for what's next in our career.


Monday, December 18, 2006
  Article: Blogging Good For Your Career
Silicon Valley start-ups and media behemoths aren't the only ones realizing the rewards of the rebounding Web economy. Already, many A-list bloggers have generated significant income from running advertisements on their blogs. Though with an estimated 53.4 million blogs expected to launch by year-end, according to Perseus Development Corporation, it's safe to assume that not everyone is going to get rich from blogging. So what's in it for the up-and-coming blogger, beyond creative self-expression?

Blogging can be transformative –- placing you on a new career path, earning you a book deal, or catapulting you into the field of your dreams. Just ask some of the folks we spoke with.

Full article


  Introducing Blog for Jobs
The internet has transformed the job search for almost every person in the workforce. These web savvy, next generation job hunters are the ones who stand out. Those who blog or have a personal website realize that the new job search is just as much about being found as it is finding jobs.

That is why this blog exists. To showcase those job seekers who are taking charge of their career by making a name for themselves online. And so we will profile and categorize their blogs and sites here, as a way to call attention to the Job Search 2.0 way of life.

Blog on everyone...


Job seekers are blogging for jobs. Yep, thats right. Creative and talented candidates are writing their own blogs in an effort to stand out and get noticed. It's a new job hunting technique for the 21st century. This is a showcase for those who blog for jobs. And we'll also tell you about new job boards on the scene.

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